Thudufushi, Maldives 2020 - Photos 5

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Reef Fish 1

Lovely Oriental Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus orientalis) at Bulaloi Thila.

More Oriental Sweetlips at Himandhoo Kandu.

A Blackspotted Puffer (Arothron nigropunctatus) at Bulaloi Thila.

Another Blackspotted Puffer at Maavaru Corner.  The yellow colour is a variation - they come in a variety of hues.

A Whitespotted or Guineafowl Puffer (Arothron meleagris) at Maavaru Corner.

A common sight - a cloud of Redtoothed Triggerfish (Odonus niger) at Bulaloi Thila.

A group of Masked Bannerfish (Heniochus monoceros) swim past Govinda at Himandhoo Kandu.

A couple more Masked Bannerfish swim over a Spotted Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus picus) at Maavaru Corner.

A school of Bluelined Snappers (Lutjanus kasmira) at Maavaru Corner.

Govinda swims over another school of Bluelined Snapper at Panettone Manta Point.

Close-up of a Bluelined Snapper at Maavaru Corner.

And a school of Humpback Red Snapper (Lutjanus gibbus) at Maavaru Corner.

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