Austria 2011, Obergurgl: Photos 1

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Around Obergurgl

Looking down the valley towards Obergurgl

The valley above Obergurgl

Waterfall above Obergurgl.

Waterfall above Obergurgl

Hohe Mut lift top station and alpine hut after a snowstorm in August 2011.

Hohe Mut after a snowstorm

Schönwieshütte alpine hut.


View from Lenzenalm mountain hut looking back up the valley towards Obergurgl.

View from Lenzenalm mountain hut

Hotel Olympia, Obergurgl.

Hotel Olympia, Obergurgl



Snow-capped mountains seen from the top of Gaislachkogl.

Snow-capped mountains

Glaciers seen from Gaislachkogl.

Glaciers seen from Gaislachkogl

The Top Mountain Star bar/restaurant at 3082 metres in the clouds.

Top Mountain Star

Top Mountain Star seen from 11 km away at Gaislachkogl above Sölden.

Top Mountain Star seen from Gaislachkogl

Sölden from the Gaislachkogl lift.

Soelden from the Gaislachkogl lift

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