Maldives 2014, Thudufushi - Photos 7

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Manta Rays video

Here's some great video that I shot over several days at the Hukuru Elhi Faru and Himandhoo Thila dive sites.  Manta rays, a Spotted eagle ray, Grey reef and Leopard sharks, Napoleon wrasse, Hawksbill turtles, and Whitemouth and Giant moray eels.  The mantas just cruise around us unconcernedly while either feeding or having their teeth cleaned.

The mantas seem to enjoy being around divers - they seem to deliberately swim above us, perhaps to enjoy the tickle of our air bubbles on their bellies, and to approach close enough for us to reach out and stroke.

This video is hosted on YouTube - it needs JavaScript enabled (especially if you're using Google's Chrome browser), can be viewed in full screen, and you can change it to 720p HD quality if your bandwidth can stand it.

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