A Visit to the London Eye - August 2001

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Not really a holiday, but an excuse for me to try out the Matrox RT2500 video capture card in the new (Sep 2010: well it was new in 2001) PC.  The London Eye is well worth a visit - great views (when the weather is right).  However, it POURED with rain most of the day, and this made shooting video through the streaming windows less than perfect.

Anyway, here is three and a bit minutes of wobbly video, shot on Hi-8.  I originally used RealVideo, with the postage-stamp-sized video segment hosted on my web site.  Quality via my 56kbps modem was dire!  Happily, the Intertubes have moved on, and I've now (Sep 2010) re-done the movie from scratch from the original footage, with YouTube hosting it.  Please immediately change the resolution from 360p to 480p, if needed.  NB: If the video doesn't play, then you need JavaScript enabled (especially if you're using Google's Chrome browser).


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