Greece - Kefalos, Kos, 2000

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We spent one week in the rather sprawling development of Kefalos at the western end of the island of Kos.  We stayed in number 6, Stamatia Apartments in a quiet part of the development near to the harbour, set back 200m from the seafront.  We had a view of a potato patch in front of the patio, and were entertained by watching the owner weeding his crop early in the morning before it got too hot.

Our apartment consisted of a bedroom, a kitchen (with an electric kettle!) and a tiny bathroom with shower.  Outside was the east-facing patio looking over the aforementioned potato patch onto the backs of the buildings (some of them finished!) along the seafront.  A nice apartment, well-equipped, and reasonably cheap.

Between us and the sea was the Andreas Apartments which had a swimming pool and bar/restaurant, which offered such typically Greek delights as Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, to the sound of Tom Jones singing something about sex, seemingly endlessly.

Plenty of good tavernas and bars along the strip.  We concentrated on the ones towards the western end of the resort.

We were there in late summer, and for the first half of the week there was a stiff breeze which meant getting sand-blasted on the beaches at Kefalos.  We drove over to some beaches on the north side of the island where the breeze wasn't so noticeable.  The breeze died away for the second half of the week, so we were able to take advantage of some of the superb beaches near Kefalos.

The resort beach was about half a mile away to the east, and looked to be reasonable, though we never used it.  We had a car for the week, and always drove to nicer beaches elsewhere in the area. By far the best beach was Magic Beach - 3-4 miles away.  This was a sparsely used beach of lovely soft golden sand, about 30 metres deep, backed by dunes and gently sloping 30 metre sandstone cliffs.  A clothes-optional beach, with a small bar where you could buy beer and soft drinks.  No accommodation nearby - you needed wheels to get there.

We also drove around the island and stopped off at Mastihari, where we had stayed in 1987.  Hardly recognised the place - we certainly couldn't see the apartments where we had stayed in 1987 - it had all seemingly been knocked down and re-built, but quite tastefully.  Nice beach - much more crowded than we remembered it.  Large German contingent.

Would we recommend Kefalos?  Yes - provided you don't mind the fact that Greece gets more like Blackpool every year.

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