Ancestors of John Philip Davies

Thirtieth Generation

655360088. Ralph Basset was born about 1076 in Drayton, Staffordshire, England. He died about 1120 in Abbey, Adingdon, Berkshire, England. Ralph married Alice ? about 1101 in Drayton Basset, Staffordshire, England. [Parents]

655360089. Alice ? was born about 1080 in Weldon, Northamptonshire.


655360090. Alan Reginald De Dunstanville was born about 1080 in Castle Combe, Wiltshire, England. He died on 3 Apr 1150 in Tewkesbury, Wiltshire. Alan married Adeliza Alicia Dewarren. [Parents]

655360091. Adeliza Alicia Dewarren was born about 1084 in Castle Combe, Wiltshire, England. She died in 1157.


655360096. Robert De Ferrers was born about 1062 in Of, , Derbyshire, England. He was christened in Charterley, Staffordshire, England. He died in 1139. Robert married Hawise De Vitre about 1087 in Of, , Brittany, France. [Parents]

Robert de Ferrers, 1st Earl of Derby
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Robert I de Ferrers, 1st Earl of Derby (c. 1062–1139) was born in Derbyshire, England, a younger son of Henry de Ferrières and his wife Bertha Roberts (I'Aigle). His father, born in Ferrières, Normandy, France accompanied William the Conqueror during his invasion of England. The family was rewarded with a grant of Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire and 114 manors in Derbyshire.

Robert's elder brother William's main interests were in France. He joined Robert Curthose and was captured at Tinchebrai. His other brother Engenulf died shortly after his father and so Robert succeeded to the estates in 1088.

From the beginning, he gave great support to Henry I. As part of his tenure of Duffield Frith in 1129-30, he is on record as having interests in lead mines at Wirksworth. At about this time he granted the church of Potterspury, Northamptonshire, to Bernard the Scribe.

It is, however, during his last years that he is most in evidence as a leading supporter of King Stephen He took a large body of Derbyshire men northwards to assist in repelling an invasion of the Scots under King David I of Scotland, nominally on the behalf of Matilda. Little actual fighting took place, but Thurstan, Archbishop of York, won the Battle of the Standard on Stephen's behalf, fought near Northallerton, on 22, August, 1138.

Robert was mainly instrumental in securing the victory for his Sovereign, who for this and other important services created him Earl of Derby, although charters and chronicles during this period refer to him interchangeably as Earl Ferrers, earl of Nottingham or earl of Derby.

He died in the following year (1139) and was succeeded in his earldom by his second but eldest surviving son Robert de Ferrers, 2nd Earl of Derby often known as Robert de Ferrars the Younger.

As with most Norman lords, the Ferrers brought their Norman underlords to England with them - in this case, the Curzon (of Kedleston), Livet (Levett) and Boscherville (Baskerville) families, who held their fiefs in Normandy from the Ferrers, and who subsequently held their English lands from Ferrers as well. (The undertenant family names derive from Notre-Dame-de-Courson, Livet-en-Ouche and Boscherville, all part of the Ferrers barony in Normandy.) These undertenant retained their ties to the Ferrers after the families had moved to England following the Norman Conquest.[1]

655360097. Hawise De Vitre was born about 1069 in Of, Vitre, Brittany, France. [Parents]


655360098. William, "the Younger" Peverel was born about 1080 in Of, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. He died after 1155 in Of, , , England. William, married Avice De Lancaster about 1112 in , La Marche, Normandy, France. [Parents]

655360099. Avice De Lancaster was born about 1088 in Of, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. She died after 1149. [Parents]


655360100. Philip De Braose was born before 1073 in Of, Bramber, Sussex, England. He died in 1134/1135 in Holy Land, Palestine. He was buried in Holy Land, Palestine. Philip married Aenor De Totnais. [Parents]

655360101. Aenor De Totnais was born about 1084 in Of, Barnstaple, Devonshire, England. [Parents]


655360102. Miles Of Gloucester was born about 1092 in Of, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England. He died on 24 Dec 1143 in Llanthony, Priory, Gloucester, England. He was buried in Llanthony, Priory, Gloucester, England. Miles married Sybil De Neufmarche in Apr 1121 in Or May. [Parents]

655360103. Sybil De Neufmarche was born about 1096 in Aberhonwy, Brons., , Wales. She died after 1143 in , Gloucestershire, , England. She was buried in Llanthony Priory, Gloucester, England. [Parents]


655360104. Ranulph "De Briquessart" Le Meschin Earl of Chester was born about 1070 in Of Briquessart, Livry, , France. He died in Jan 1128/1129 in , Chester, Cheshire, England. He was buried in St Werburgh, Chester, Cheshire, England. Ranulph married Lucy Countess Of Chester about 1097 in Of, , , England. [Parents],_3rd_Earl_of_Chester

655360105. Lucy Countess Of Chester was born about 1070 in Of, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England. She died about 1136. [Parents]


655360106. Robert "The King's Son" De Caen was born about 1090 in Of, Caen, Normandy, France. He died on 31 Oct 1147 in , Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. He was buried in St James Priory, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. Robert married Maud (Mabel) (Sibyl) FitzHammon about 1115 in Of, , Gloucestershire, England. [Parents]

Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester
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Robert of Caen
Earl of Gloucester
Reign 1122–1147
Spouse Mabel FitzHamon
William Fitz Robert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester
Roger of Worcester
Hamon of Gloucester
Mabel FitzRobert m. Aubrey de Vere
Maud of Gloucester, Countess of Chester
Philip of Gloucester
Richard FitzRobert Sire de Creully
Illigitimate children
Richard FitzRobert,Bishop of Bayeux d. 3 April 1142
Mabel FitzRobert m. Gruffudd ap Ifor Bach
Robert FitzRobert d. 1170 m. Hawise de Reviers.
Father Henry I of England
Born before 1100
Died 31 October 1147

Robert Fitzroy, 1st Earl of Gloucester (before 1100 – 31 October 1147[1]) was an illegitimate son of King Henry I of England. He was called "Rufus" and occasionally "de Caen", he is also known as Robert "the Consul".[2] He was the half-brother of the Empress Matilda, and her chief military supporter during the civil war known as The Anarchy, in which she vied with Stephen of Blois for the throne of England.

Early life
Robert was probably the eldest of Henry's many illegitimate children.[1] He was born before his father's accession to the English throne.[3] His mother may have been the Welsh princess Nest ferch Rhys, daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr.[4] However, his mother has also been identified as a member of "the Gay or Gayt family of north Oxfordshire",[5] possibly a daughter of Rainald Gay (fl. 1086) of Hampton Gay and Northbrook Gay in Oxfordshire. Rainald had known issue Robert Gaay of Hampton (died c. 1138) and Stephen Gay of Northbrook (died after 1154). A number of Oxfordshire women feature as the mothers of Robert's siblings.[5][6]

655360107. Maud (Mabel) (Sibyl) FitzHammon was born about 1094 in Of, , Gloucestershire, England. She died in 1157 in , Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. [Parents]


655360108. Amaury De Montfort was born about 1070 in Of, Montfort Amaury, Ile De France, France. He died in 1137. Amaury married Agnes De Garlende in 1120 in , Garlende, , France. [Parents]

655360109. Agnes De Garlende was born about 1095 in Garlende, , France. She died in 1181. [Parents]


655394816. Dryffin ap Cudd was born in Breconshire. Dryffin married Crisli ferch Iago. [Parents]

655394817. Crisli ferch Iago was born about 1012 in Gwynedd. [Parents]


655394818. Einion ap Selyf was born about 991 in Breconshire, Wales. [Parents]


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