Ancestors of John Philip Davies

Twenty-Third Generation

5120000. Peter Herbert was born in 1259 in Hertfordshire. Peter married Alice Brokengreen. [Parents]


DUPLICATE: AFN> 3W3L-GWQ, listed as Peter HERBERT.
DUPLICATE: AFN> 5MLF-8X9, listed as Piers FitzReginald Lord Chewton Sir.
DUPLICATE: AFN> 5T78-8B5, listed as Piers (Peter) FitzReginald.
BIRTH: Date Calculated> Age 40 years as of 1 June 1314 (mother's death date).
KINSHIP: Heir to his mother (Esch.8 42); heir of his cousin John de Vivon, who died without issue shortly before 16 Oct 1314, seised of the manors of West Kington, Wiltshire, and Selling, Kent (Esch.8 43).
PROPERTY: Had a grant from her of the Manor of Chewton, Somersetshire, 4 Jul 1300 (Pat.28 Edw.1.m 11).
DEATH: Date> Shortly before 6 Dec 1322.
PROPERTY: Died seised of the manor and Hundred of Chewton, a moiety of the manors of Selling, Kent, West Kington, Wiltshire (Esch.16 37).

5120001. Alice Brokengreen was born about 1264 in Hertfordshire.


5120068. Gruffudd Ap Cadwaladr was born about 1202 in Of Abergavenny, Monmouth, England. Gruffudd married Mrs-Gruffudd Ap Cadwaladr.

5120069. Mrs-Gruffudd Ap Cadwaladr was born about 1212 in Of Park Lettice, Llanover, Monmouth, England.


5120272. Ieuan ap Hywel was born about 1230 in Cantref Selyf, Breconshire, Wales. Ieuan married Gwladus ferch Ieuan. [Parents]

5120273. Gwladus ferch Ieuan was born about 1234 in Llanfihangel Cwm, Carmarthenshire, Wales. [Parents]


5120274. Ralph Baskerville was born about 1230 in England.


5120280. Walter Bredwarden was born about 1200 in Bredwardine, Herefordshire, England. Walter married Anne Britt.

5120281. Anne Britt was born about 1204 in Herefordshire, England. [Parents]


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