Ancestors of John Philip Davies

Eighteenth Generation

160000. Thomas Ap Guillem Herbert was born about 1372 in Wernddu, Monmouthshire, England. He died on 4 Jul 1438. Thomas married Maud Morley about 1402 in Ragland, Monmouthshire, England. [Parents]
Sir William Herbert's grandfather, Thomas ap Gwillim ap Jenkin (d.1438), secured Raglan Castle on his marriage with Maud, daughter and heiress of Sir John Morley.

160001. Maud Morley was born about 1380 in Ragland, Monmouthshire, England. [Parents]


160002. Dafydd "Gam" Ap Llewelyn was born about 1351 in Of Peutun, Llan-Ddew, Brecvonshire, Wales. Dafydd married Gwenllian Verch Gwilym. [Parents]

From the National Library of Wales Online:
DAFYDD GAM (d. 1415), Welsh warrior,   was the son of Llywelyn ap Hywel Fychan, a Brecknock landowner of the stock of Einon Sais, whose castle stood at Pen-pont on the river Usk. His byname signified that he squinted or had lost an eye. Tradition averred that he fled from his homeland after killing his relative, Richard of Slwch, in the High Street of Brecon. He first appears, as a king's esquire, in April 1400; in this capacity he was to receive forty marks a year (Cal. Close Rolls, 79). Since Henry had been for some years, through his marriage to Mary Bohun, in control of the lordship of Brecknock, the association was probably not new; Dafydd, at any rate, remained a loyal Lancastrian until his death. In Nov. 1401 he was rewarded out of rebel lands (Cal. Pat. Rolls, 11), and, according to the Scottish historian, Walter Bower, he had a part in the royal victory over Owain Glyn Dŵr at Pwll Melyn, near Usk, on 5 May 1405 (Scotichronicon, ed. W. Goodall, 1759, ii, 452). This date throws doubt upon the familiar story of his treacherous attack upon Owen at the parliament of Machynlleth in 1404; it has other doubtful features, and, in any case, is not heard of until the time of Robert Vaughan, Hengwrt (d. 1667) (q.v.). That Dafydd fell into the hands of Glyn Dŵr is certain, but that was at a much later date; it was in June 1412, when the revolt was nearing its collapse, that the seneschal and the receiver of Brecon, with the assent of Llywelyn ap Hywel, the prisoner's father, were empowered to treat with Owen as to the ransom of ‘David Gamm,’ tenant in the lordship of Brecon (Cal. Pat. Rolls, 406). The release was effected, and the final scene came in 1415, when David went with his royal master to France, to meet his death on the field of Agincourt. Legends gathered round the end of this puissant fighter; in particular, it was believed that he was knighted on the fatal day. An influential posterity kept up his reputation; for two centuries and a half the Games clan were prominent in Brecknock affairs, at Aberbrân, Newton (near Brecon), Tre-gaer, Buckland, and Penderyn, until the male line died out and the surname disappeared. The last sheriff to bear it was Hoo Games of Newton (1657). Through the marriage of his daughter Gwladus to Sir William ap Thomas of Raglan (see under Herbert, William, d. 1469), Dafydd Gam was forefather of all the Herberts.
DAVY GAM was a leading Welsh supporter of king Henry IV, who held the lordship of Brecon where the GAM family lived, and thus DAVY became a fierce opponent of Owain Glyn Dwr (pp.206-7). In November 1401 he was rewarded with rebel lands, but he was captured by Owain in 1412, and his father LLYWELYN assented to his being ransomed (Cal. Pat. Rolls, 11). Though he was already a king’s esquire by 1400 (Cal. Close Rolls, 79), William Shakespeare used the strong oral tradition that as Davy lay dying after the great battle against the French at Agincourt, he was personally knighted by the king. Then after the battle Shakespeare has the king name the fallen warriors, among them “Davy Gam, esquire” (Act IV, Sc viii).

160003. Gwenllian Verch Gwilym was born about 1355 in Of Abercrai, Traean-Glas, Breconshire, Wales.


160008. Jenkin "Hen" Walbyf was born about 1376 in Tir Ralph, Cantref Mawr, Breconshire, Wales. Jenkin married Annes ferch Thomas. [Parents]

160009. Annes ferch Thomas was born in Llangatwg Dyffry, Monmouthshire.


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