Ancestors of John Philip Davies

Sixth Generation

32. David Davies was born before 1800.

1838: Son's M cert states Freeholder.


34. David Bowen died.

1838: Daughter's M Cert states Labourer.


36. Morgan Lewis was born about 1747 in Llantrisant. He was buried on 16 Sep 1804. Morgan married Margaret Thomas on 30 Mar 1780 in Ystradyfodwg, St John, Glamorgan.

1747: IGI birth record
1798: UK, Land Tax Redemption, 1798: Propietor: Reverend Powel Edwards, Tenant: Morgan Lewis, Residence: Lantrissent, Glamorgan, Wales.
1804: National Burial Index for England & Wales Transcription: Morgan Lewis, b 1747, d age 57, buried 16 Sep 1804, 3 saints church (SS ILLTYD GWYNNO DYFODWG) Llantrisant.  Also Glamorgan Burial Index.
1804: Info from Viv Lelliott re Freemen of Llantrisant:
No 377. Morgan Lewis, Burgess 1785 - 1804 (Freemanship) By indulgence. "Morgan Lewis, town (Llantrisant), smith buried September 16 1804 aged 57."

37. Margaret Thomas was born about 1761 in Llantrisant.


38. John Ajax was born about 1755. He died on 24 Aug 1816. John married Ann Truman on 2 Jan 1786 in St Illtyd Llantrisant Glam Wales. [Parents]

Info from Viv Lelliott from the following publications:
- Meisgwyn & Glynrhondda Local History Newsletter (Pub by Llantrisant & District Local History Society, Hon Sec J Barry Davies) No 120 March 1998  "The Truman Family of Llantrisant"
- "The Freemen & Ancient Borough of Llantrisant", J Barry Davies, pp81-82
Llantrisant Local History Soc Newsletter no 120 Mar 1998:  "Herbert Truman...sold the White Hart & the Red Lion in Llantrisant to John Ajax in 1790."

1755: B recorded on IGI.
1786: Marriage recorded in Glamorgan FHS' "Pre-1837 Glamorgan Marriages" fiche at Bishopsgate Library, and on IGI.  Either 2nd or 30th Jan.
Freeman No 328 (old style)
1814: From M&G newsletter:"Shoemaker died 1814"
1816: Death on IGI.

39. Ann Truman was born about 1766. She died on 9 Jun 1801 in Llantrisant Glam Wales. [Parents]

1765: B recorded in IGI
1786: From Llantrisant & District Local History Society newsletter No 120, March 1998 "The Truman Family of Llantrisant": Married 30 Jan 1786.  Died 1801 aged 36.
1801: D recorded on IGI
From Viv Lelliott:
Anne Truman Ajax had one brother, no sisters.  His name was Thomas Truman Ajax.  He appears to have been the Marquess of Bute's agent in Llantrisant.  Both Roderick Lewis and Thomas Ajax became Portreeves (Mayors) of Llantrisant  as well as Josiah the other Lewis brother.

Thomas Truman Ajax was also the first National School Master in Llantrisant.  There are  further rumours about of  him fathering many offspring out of marriage.


44. Llewellyn David was christened on 22 Jun 1788 in Margam, Glamorgan. He died on 26 Mar 1863 in Tylegigfran, Margam, Glamorgan. Llewellyn married Catherine Cole on 27 Jun 1812 in Margam Abbey Church. [Parents]

1788: Birth: Info from Allen Blethyn as follows (see also scrapbook/photo of Bap record):
On checking a facemail of the original Margam Bapts Register at Swansea Archives I found the following - Llewelyn son of Thomas David by Mary his wife was bapt.22.June 1788. 1812.June.27th. Margam Abbey Church.
In fairness to the Glam FHS they did have it indexed in the patronymic form, based on the fathers Christian name. but they did have an error with the date given as 22.Aug.1788. They gave the event as Llewelyn by Llewellyn Thomas and Mary 22.Aug.1788.

1814. Margam Estate Maps.
Llewellyn David.  Tyla`r Gigfran. consisted of 8 fields with house and garden.  Just over 12.Acres. at £4-13-8d. rent per year.
Llewellyn David would have been about 26.years old at this time and had been married for 2.years.
1812: Marriage of Llewellyn David to Catherine Cole, 1812, in Margam, Glamorgan, Wales, Wales, Glamorgan Parish Registers, 1558-1900, FamilySearch.
1831: Son's baptism record shows him as Laborer.
1841 census: Labourer, 53, of Hamlet of Brombill, Margam, Glos, b Glam.  HO107/1422/17 f6.
1851 census: Farmer of 10 acres, aged 61, of Tylagigfran, Margam, Glam, b Margam, Glam.  HO107/2462 13r.
1861 census: Farmer of 8 acres, aged 72, of Tylar Gigfran, Brombil, Margam, Glamorgan. b Margam, Glamorgan. RG9/4080 f18.

45. Catherine Cole was born on 3 Sep 1791 in St. Marys. Co. Limerick. Church of Ireland.. She was buried on 4 May 1866 in Margam. [Parents]

Birth/Marriage info from Allen Blethyn.
I have bought off the internet the following Irish bapt:
Catherine Cole female.bapt. 3.Sept. 1791 St. Marys. Co. Limerick. Church of Ireland. Father. Arthur Cole. Mother Hann [ nothing more ].
1791: IGI record: Catharine Cole, baptism/christening date: 03 Sep 1791, CATHEDRAL ST MARY, LIMERICK, LIMERICK, IRELAND, father's name: Arthur Cole, mother's name: Hanna.
1812: Marriage record 27 Jun 1812 to unnamed man, Margam, Glamorgan Marriage Index pre-1837, Glamorgan Family History Society.
1841 census: aged 49, of Hamlet of Brombill, Margam, Glos, b Ireland?.  HO107/1422/17 f6.
1851 census: Wife of Farmer of 10 acres, aged 58, of Tylagigfran, Margam, Glam, b Ireland.  HO107/2462 13r.
1861 census: Wife, aged 68, of Tylar Gigfran, Brombil, Margam, Glamorgan. b Ireland. RG9/4080 f18.
1866: Burial aged 74, 4 May 1866, of Tylegigfran, Margam, Parish of Margam Records.


46. Evan David.

Info from Allen Blethyn:
Rees David married Catherine David at Margam 17th.Sept.1836.  
1841 census: Daughter Catherine was 23 when she married, so her father Evan must have been over 40 at least, ie born before 1800.  There are two possible Evan Davids of the right age living in Margam in 1841:
 1) Evan David, "Shoe m", aged "60", of Taibach Village, Margam, and his wife
      Anne, also aged "60", and Jane David, aged "20", all b Glam.
 2) Evan David, Woodman, age "55", of Hamlet of Margam, Margam, and his wife
      Mary, age "50", and Thomas David, age "20", all b Glam.
- No idea which is the right one.


48. James Hannam was born about 1787 in East Cowes, Isle of Wight. He died in 3Q1861 in Isle of Wight. James married Mary Ann Jerom on 23 Mar 1812 in Northwood, West Cowes, Isle of Wight.

1785: Hants Gen Soc Parish record of bapt of "James Hennam" on 22 Apr 1785, Southampton St Lawrence & St John, parents Jonathan and Mary.  There's also a similar bapt record from Hants Gen Soc of "William Hennam" on 22 Sep 1789, Southampton St Michael, parents John and Mary.  If this is them, that potentially makes James and William the Ropemaker brothers.
1812: IGI marriage record.
1837: IGI record of daughter Eleanor's birth 15/2/1837.
1841 census shows William Hannam, Ropemaker, aged 60, living at Chapel Place, near Castle St, Whippingham, East Cowes, with Sara, 60, Ann 20, Benjamin, shipwright, 20, and also Mary Knapp FS 20.  But no James Hannam living nearby.  HO107/408/2 f1.
1841 census: "James Hannahs"(?), Coastguard, "50", of Wodgate (?), Walton (near Felixstowe, just across the river from Harwich and Parkeston), Suffolk.  HO107/1021/10 f8. NOT born in Suffolk.  No wife, but 4 children, Joseph, 12, Emily, 10, Edward, 8, and Ellen, 4.
1851 Census: "Superannuated from CoastGuard", Widower, age 64, at 21 Castle Street, Whippingham, East Cowes, IoW.  born East Cowes.  HO107/1662 f193v.  Children Edward and Ellen living with him.
1857: Son's M Cert shows "Coast-Guardsman".
1861 Census: Pensioner from Coast Guard, Widower, aged 72, a Lodger at Union Street, East Cowes. B East Cowes. RG9/653 f20r.
1861: Death registered 3Q1861 on Isle of Wight, ref 2b295.  No age given.

49. Mary Ann Jerom was born before 1800. She was buried on 30 Dec 1840 in Whippingham (Isle of Wight), Hampshire.

1782: Bap record of Mary Ann Jerom, 28 Apr 1782, at SAINT MARYS,PORTSEA,HAMPSHIRE,ENGLAND, Father's Name: David Jerom, Mother's Name: Mary.  Is this her?  NB there is a record of the marriage of Mary Ann Jerom to Thomas Warren, 27 Dec 1802, St. Mary'S, Portsea, Hampshire, England.  She'd be 20 (if bapt'd promptly on birth).  Probably not this one.

1795: Bap record of Mary Ann Jerom, 11 Sep 1795 at SAINT MARYS,PORTSEA,HAMPSHIRE,ENGLAND, Father's Name: Willm. Jerom, Mother's Name: Elizth.  Is this her?  Probably...
1812: IGI marriage record 23/3/1812. Northwood, Isle of Wight to James Hannam.  If the 1795 one, she'd be 17 (if bapt'd promptly on birth).
1837: IGI record of daughter Eleanor's birth 15/2/1837.
1840: Death of Mary Hannam registered 4Q1840 in Isle of Wight, Hampshire, ref 8 / 134.  No age given.
1840: IGI Burial record of Mary Hannam 30 Dec 1840, Whippingham (Isle of Wight), Hampshire, England.
1841 census:  Not shown as living with the rest of the family.


50. Charles Stone was born about 1797 in Upham, Hants. He died on 30 Mar 1879 in Sholing, Hound, Southampton. Charles married Hannah Jeffery on 12 Aug 1821 in Alverstoke, Hants.

1821: IGI Marriage record 12 Aug at Alverstoke, Hants.
1841 census: Brick Burner, "40", of Brickiln Medina, Northwood, Isle of Wight.  b Hampshire. HO107/407/6 f33v.
1851 census: Brick Burner, Married Visitor,aged 53, at Otterbourne St, Otterbourne, Hants, b Upham, Hants. HO107/1675 f151v.  Living in house of Maryann Newman, Married, Wife (Head of Household but not shown as such), Servant, aged 56, b Portsmouth, Hants.
1857: Daughter's M Cert states "General Agricultural Labourer".
1857: Lease in HantsWeb collection, Finding No 139M71/D21/3:
Hound: Sholing Common: George Hunt's development
Title Under-leases of individual plots granted by George Hunt :-
Description 1A-B, 2A-B: lease (with counterpart) to Charles Stone, brickburner, 1857 (1a on east side of Middle Road?), with assignment by William Warner and others to James Schomberg (of Middlesex), 1882, and surrender, 1892.
1861 census: Brick Burner, 63, of Sholing Common, Hound, Hants, b Upham, Hants. RG9/680 f123v.
1871 Census: Widower Brick Burner, 73, of New Road (Woodbine Cottages), Hound, Sholing, Hants. B Upham, Hants.  RG10/1196 f18r.  Also living with him is Granddaughter Harriet, Scholar, aged 10, b Southampton.
1879: Death aged 82 registered  S. Stoneham 1Q1879  ref 2c 33.
1879: National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966:
STONE Charles.
Personal Estate under £100.
31 October (1879). Administration of the Personal Estate of Charles Stone late of Sholing in the Parish of Hound in the County of Southampton Widower who died 30 March 1879 at Sholing was granted at Winchester to Henry Stone of 13 Canton-place in the Town and County of the Town of Southampton Custom House Messenger the Son and one of the Next of Kin.

51. Hannah Jeffery was born about 1798 in Portsmouth, Hants. She died in 2Q1869 in South Stoneham.

1821: IGI Marriage record 12 Aug at Alverstoke, Hants.
1841 census: "40", of Brickiln Medina, Northwood, Isle of Wight.  b Hampshire. HO107/407/6 f33v.
1851 census: Brickmakers wife, Married (Head of Household but not shown as such), 52, at Buttsbridge, Dibden, near Lyndhurst, Hants, b Portsmouth, Hants. HO107/1668 f290v.
1861 census: Wife, 62, of Sholing Common, Hound, Hants, b Portsmouth, Hants. RG9/680 f123v.
1869: Death aged 70 registered S. Stoneham, ref 2c 25.


52. Richard Gilbert was christened on 4 Nov 1804 in Fareham, Hampshire. He died on 22 May 1850 in Fareham Railway Station from Internal injury to chest being accidentally run over by Wood (?) Waggon.. Richard married Harriett Ubsdall on 11 Jun 1829 in Fareham, Hampshire. [Parents]

1804: Hants Gen Soc bapt record: 4 Nov 1804, Fareham St Peter & St Paul, Hampshire.
1829: IGI Record for Marriage, Fareham.
1832: IGI record for son's christening
1841 census: No occupation listed, aged "35", of West Street, Fareham, Hants, b Hants.  HO107/389/4 f43.  
1850: Death 22 May 1850. Death Cert: Railway Labourer, aged 55, of Fareham.  Age does not match 1841 census.
1850: Saturday, 25 May 1850: Report in Hampshire Telegraph of Inquest held on Thursday 23 May on Richard Gilbert, who had died the day before - Accidental Death.  Fell onto the railway line and was crushed by the axle of the waggon, died within half an hour.  He leaves a wife and nine children.  See multimedia item.
1856: Son's M Cert shows Labourer.

53. Harriett Ubsdall was born about 1806 in Fareham, Hampshire. She was christened on 1 Jan 1815 in St Peter & St Paul, Fareham, Hampshire. She died in 2Q1875 in Fareham, Hampshire.

1815: Hants Gen Soc bapt record shows Harriott Ubsdale, 1 Jan 1815, First Parent: Rebecca.  No second parent.  Fareham St Peter & St Paul.
1829: IGI marriage record shows Harriet Ubsdall.  Fareham.
1829: Hants Gen Soc marriage record shows Harriet Ubsdell, 11 Jun 1829.  Fareham, Hants.
1841 census: No occupation listed, aged 34, of West Street, Fareham, Hants, b Hants.  HO107/389/4 f43.
1851 Census: Sempstress, Widow, 45, of School Lane, Fareham, b Fareham, Hants. HO107/1661 f83.
1861 Census: Laundress, Widow, 54, of West Street, Fontleigh, Fareham, b Fareham, Hants.  RG9/649 f88v.
1871 census: Laundress, Widow, 64, living by herself in West End, Fareham, Hants, b Fareham, Hants, RG10/1154 f90.
1875: Death aged 69 registered 2Q1875 in Fareham, Hampshire, ref 2b 331.


54. William Glasspool was born on 24 Feb 1808 in Ireland (British Subject). He was christened on 21 Feb 1808 in Abbey Chapel (Independent), Romsey, Hampshire. He died in 1Q1853 in Romsey, Hants. He was buried on 27 Mar 1853 in Timsbury, Hampshire. William married Frances Pritchard on 9 Oct 1834. [Parents]

1808: Possible parents (found on Ancestry family trees): Joseph Glasspool b 1775 Michelmersh, d 1853, Romsey, and Hannah Toms b 1774 in Romsey, d 1848 New Forest.  Is this right?
1808: Also Bapt record of William Glaspole, 21 Feb 1808 at Abbey-Independent, Romsey, Hampshire, Father's Name: Joseph Glaspole, Mother's Name: Hannah.  FamilySearch.
1808: Birth & Bapt Record of William Glaspole, Birth Date: 24 Feb 1808, Father: Joseph Glaspole, Mother: Hannah Glaspole, Baptism Date: 21 Feb 1808, Abbey Chapel (Independent), Romsey, Hampshire.  Ancestry.  NB: Birth date is after Bapt date in the original document.
1834: Marriage to Frances Pritchard.  Source: Terry Pook.
1841 Census: Shown as William Glaspoole, Ag Lab, "30", of Mitchelmarsh Hamlet.  HO107/400/12 f9.  Living with wife Fanny and 3 kids.
1851 Census: Ag Lab, aged 42, of Dairyhouse, Timsbury, Hants, b Ireland (British Subject).  HO107/1671 f222v.  Also living with them is William Pritchard, Visitor, Ag Lab, aged 23, Unm, b Timsbury, Hants.
1853: Death reg 1Q1853 in Romsey, Hants, ref 2c / 49.  
1853: Burial of William Glasspool on 27 Mar 1853 at Timsbury, Hampshire, FamilySearch.
1856: Daughter's M Cert shows Laborer.

55. Frances Pritchard was christened on 1 Aug 1813 in St. Mary's, Michelmersh, Romsey, Hants. She died in 4Q1892 in South Stoneham. [Parents]

1813: Baptism registered 1 Aug 1813 at Parish Church of St. Mary's, Michelmersh, Romsey (
1813: Hants Gen Soc bapt record: 1 Aug 1813, at Michelmersh, Frances Pritchard, parents John and Frances.
1841 Census: Shown as "Fanney Glaspoole" (the census enumerator couldn't spell very well), age "25" of Mitchelmarsh Hamlet.  b Hants. HO107/400/12 f9.
1851 Census: "Fanny Glasspool", Dairywoman, Wife, aged 38, of Dairyhouse, Timsbury, Hants, b Timsbury, Hants.  HO107/1671 f222.  Also living there is William Pritchard (qv), Visitor, unmarried, Ag Lab, 23, b Timsbury, Hants.  Two doors away is Jacob and Sarah Pritchard and family.  Three doors away is Edward & Jane Pritchard at the Malthouse Inn.  Four doors away is John and Frances Pritchard and family.
1861 census: Laundress, Widow, Head of Household, aged 48, of Timsbury, Hants. b Timsbury, Hants.  RG9/686 f42v.  NB: There is a John Pritchard living next door, aged 72, Yeoman Farmer, but his wife is shown as Maria, aged 65.  And three doors away is another Fanny Glasspool, aged 65!
1861: 12 Sept: Fanny marries James Shears (widower) of Hound, following the death of her husband William Glasspool.  Information from Terry Pook.
1861: Marriage of James Shears to Fanny Glasspool registered 3Q1861 in Romsey, Hants, 2c / 121.
1871 census: Frances Shears, wife (of James Shears), age 57, of Nursling Road, Nursling, ROMSEY, Hampshire RG10 / 1203 folio 61v.  Also living with her is James Glasspool, Son-in-Law, Widower, 28, Railway Porter, b Mitchelmarch, Hants.
1881 Census: Shown as Frances Shears, Widow, formerly farmer's wife, 67, of Emily Cottage, New Road, Hound, Hants.  Described as Mother in Law of Richard Gilbert (ie mother of Ellen Glasspool).  Her husband William Glasspool has died, and she has married James Shears.  RG11/1216 f97.
1891 census: Widow, 78, living on own means, of St Mark's Terrace, Church Road, St Mary Extra, Woolston, South Stoneham, Hants, b Romsey, Hants.  RG12/922 f109v.  Mother of HoH Richard Glasspool.
1892: 4Q - Death in South Stoneham ref 2c 39.


56. William Bedford was born about 16 Dec 1792 in Hound, Hampshire. He died about 19 Aug 1849 in Netley, Hampshire. William married Elizabeth Sarah Spencer on 26 Feb 1815 in Bursledon, Hampshire. [Parents]

1792: Hampshire baptisms: William Bedford, b 1792, bapt 16 Dec 1792, Father: John, Mother: Susan, Southampton, St Mary Extra.
1815: IGI Marriage record in Bursledon
1841 census: Ag Lab, "45", of Netley, Hound, Southampton, Hants.  b Hants. HO107/402/9 f5v.
1849: Death of William Bedford reg 3Q1849 in South Stoneham, Hampshire, 7 / 292.
1852: Son's M Cert shows him as Laborer.

57. Elizabeth Sarah Spencer was born about 1791. She died about 17 Jul 1852 in Hound, Hampshire.

1841 census: "50", of Netley, Hound, Southampton, Hants.  b Hants. HO107/402/9 f5v.
1851 census: "Sarah Bedford", Head, Widow, Pauper, 61, of Netley, Hound, Hants, b Hound, Hants,  HO107/1670 f52v.
1853: Death registered as "Elizabeth Sarah S Spencer" 3Q1853 in Stoneham, ref 2c 23.


58. William Andrews was christened on 27 Nov 1774 in Eling, Hampshire. William married Jane Sillings on 13 Oct 1803 in Eling Hants.. [Parents]

1774: Hants Gen Soc bapt record: "William Andrews", 27 Nov 1774, Eling, Hants, Parent: Stephen.
1803: Hants Gen Soc marriage record: "William Anders to Jane Sillings", 13 Oct 1803, Eling Hants.
1819: Hants Gen Soc bapt record of child: "Frances Andrews", 7 Mar 1819, Eling Hants.  Parents William and Jane.
1841 census: Ag Lab, "65", of "Winsor, Eling", Hampshire, b Hampshire.  HO107 / 399 / 9 / f18r
1844: Daughters M Cert shows Laborer.
1848: Deaths of two William Andrews registered in New Forest, one 1Q1848 ref 8 / 166, one 3Q1848 ref 8 / 115.
1851 census: not found.
1852: Daughters M Cert shows Laborer.

59. Jane Sillings was born in 1772/1777 in Hampshire.

1803: Hants Gen Soc marriage record: "William Anders to Jane Sillings", 13 Oct 1803, Eling Hants.
1819: Hants Gen Soc bapt record of child: "Frances Andrews", 7 Mar 1819, Eling Hants.  Parents William and Jane.
1841 census: aged "65", of "Winsor, Eling", Hampshire, b Hampshire.  HO107 / 399 / 9 / f18r.
1848: Death of a Jane Andrews registered 1Q1848 in New Forest, Hants. 8 / 168.  Is this her?  NB: Same quarter as a William Andrews.
1851 census: not found.


60. Robert Collins was christened on 24 Mar 1799 in Titchfield, Hants. He died in 1861 in Southampton. Robert married Mary Ann Roberts on 10 Jul 1823 in Titchfield, Hants. [Parents]

1799: Hants Gen Soc bapt record: Robert Collins, 24 Mar 1799, Titchfield, parents Richard and Sarah.  NB: There is also a Bapt of Robert Collins, 28 May 1798, Titchfield, parents John and Sarah, but Richard's second wife Mary Ann is, in 1851, looking after Robert's son Richard.  Very confusing.
1823: Hants Gen Soc marriage record: 10 Jul 1823, Titchfield, Hants
1841 Census: Bricklayer, aged "40", of Church Court, Titchfield, Hants.  b Hants. HO107/390/12 f11.
1851 census: Master Bricklayer ({employing} 1 man), Widower, aged 51, of West Street, Titchfield, Hants, b Titchfield, Hants, HO107/1661 f496.
1852: Slater's Directory of Hampshire: Robert Collins, Bricklayer & Builder of Titchfield.
1853: Son's M Cert shows Builder.
1861: Death/Burial in Titchfield St Peters on 7/1/1861.
1861: Death 1/1/1861 reported in Hampshire Telegraph, Sat 5 Jan 1861: "At Tichfield on Tuesday last, after a long illness, Mr Robert Collins, builder &c, aged 62."
1861: Notice of Auction of Estate published in Hampshire Telegraph, Saturday 06 July 1861.  See multimedia item.

61. Mary Ann Roberts was born about 1800 in Hants. She died on 27 Jul 1846 in Titchfield, Hants.

1823: Hants Gen Soc marriage record: 10 Jul 1823, Titchfield, Hants.
1841 Census: Aged "40", of Church Court, Titchfield, Hants.  HO107/390/12 f11.
1846: Death 27/7/1846, reported in Hampshire Telegraph, 8 Aug 1846: "At Titchfield, on the 27th ult, Mary Ann, wife of Mr Robert Collins, bricklayer, aged 46."


62. John King was christened on 2 Sep 1787 in Titchfield, Hampshire. He died on 17 Dec 1859 in Titchfield, Hampshire. He was buried on 22 Dec 1859 in Fareham, Hants. John married Rebecca Bartholomew on 30 Sep 1811 in St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire. [Parents]

1787: Hants Gen Soc Bapt record: 2 Sep 1787 in Titchfield, Hampshire, parents Thos & Elizth.
1841 Census: Blacksmith, "50", of South St, Titchfield, Hants.  HO107/390/11 f39.
1851 Census: Blacksmith, 65, employing 1 man, of 37 South Street, Titchfield, Hants.  HO107/1661 F448V.
1852: Slater's Directory of Hampshire: John King, Blacksmith of Titchfield.
1853: Daughter's M Cert shows Smith.
1859: Death (or more likely, burial) 22 Dec 1859 aged 73 registered Fareham.  Info from John Knight.
1859: Death 17/12/1859 reported in Hampshire Telegraph, Saturday 24 December 1859: "At Titchfield, on the 17th inst., Mr John King, blacksmith &c, aged 75."

63. Rebecca Bartholomew was christened on 23 Dec 1792 in Titchfield, Hampshire. She died in 1884 in Fareham. [Parents]

1792: Hants Gen Soc bapt record: 23 Dec 1792 at Titchfield, parents William and Sarah.
1811: Possibly Rebecca Bartholomew - IGI marriage, St Marys Portsea, Hants to John King.
1841 Census: "45", of South St, Titchfield, Hants.  HO107/390/11 f39.
1851 Census: 37 South Street, 58, b Titchfield, Hants.  HO107/1661 F448V.
1861 census: Widow, aged 60 (? - should be 69?),"Mother" (? should be Mother in Law?), living with William Chapman, Gardener, aged 40(?), College Road, Epsom Surrey, who was b Epsom Surrey, and his wife Mary Chapman, 28, b Titchfield, Hants.  Rebecca b Titchfield, Hants,  RG9/419 f87v.
1871 Census: Blacksmith's Widow, Mother-in-Law of HoH, 79, of Upper High Street, Titchfield, Hants.  B Titchfield, Hants. RG10/1157 f12v.  Living with Son in law William Budden and family.
1881 Census: "Grandmother" (incorrect - should be Mother-In-Law), Widow, aged 89, b Titchfield, living with Son-in-Law William Budden and family, High Street Titchfield, Hants.  b Titchfield, Hants, RG11/1170 f11.
1884: 2Q Death aged 93, Fareham ref 2b 339.


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